To Never Again See The Sun

by Mandible Rider

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released January 7, 2020

Jason Richardson: Drums/Backing Vocals
Daniel Shroyer: Baritone/Vocals

Instruments recorded together in single live takes with no overdubbing at The Caledonia Lounge by Gene Woolfolk and Sloan Simpson.
Vocals recorded by Gene Woolfolk and Joel Hatstat.
Mixed by Sloan Simpson of Southern Shelter.
Mastered by Joel Hatstat at High Jump Media.

Album photo by Johnny Ray. Picture of a glass that exploded due to our stage volume at our first show.


all rights reserved



Mandible Rider Athens, Georgia

Two piece.
Little bit of this, little bit of that.

@mandiblerider for Instagram.

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Track Name: The Arbiter of Second Chances
While drinking myself to sleep, demons danced in my skull. Eyes bloodshot and pleading me to never again see the sun. The world kept on spinning, despite a gun to the head. I awoke to the morning light, my loss of consciousness betraying death.

Are these God's miracles or a smattering of instances spread across a Gaussian curve, one event in a sample of N where blind luck holds precedence over divine intervention, where randomness is the arbiter of second chances gifted to us in the dark?

I'm not convinced anyone is looking out for us. Blindfolded angels perch atop marble watchtowers on high.
Track Name: Statues and Obelisks
Monuments to worship, vain idolatry
Statues and obelisks crumble base to peak

The work of these hands passes through forgotten shifting sands.

Eyes rot first, soft flesh compromised
The dead shall not witness or relay historicity

The burning embers of collective memory
Bound to lose the glowing warmth that radiates beneath
In this fading heat, the apathetic cosmos will read the final lines of all our eulogies
Track Name: Palette
The light breaks from the sky
A graying canvas hung high, abandoned by its artist
Above bleeds into below until I can't separate the blurring halves of the horizon.

I can't scream
My voice has been lost to me
I can't think
The sameness surrounds me and dulls out the edge of my mind
I can't feel
Ubiquitous numbness
I don't know if it's me or the world but I'm bored of it all just the same

It envelops me, the darkness, slowly pulling me asunder
Alternate from crushing weight to a blank eyed nothing
When my stare looks vacant, please just know that I'm coaxing back the painter's hand, begging for any splash of color
Track Name: The Devil's Eyes Are Pouring Tears
Standing in the driving rain, welcoming each falling drop
Let it quench the thirsting earth until it's drowning in this flood

Levels rise by the foot, blanketing my waiting limbs
The Devil's eyes are pouring tears
Let them wash me away

Ride the current to the sea amongst the city's derelict debris
Cloaked in water, a shroud to hide my face
As human driftwood that never had a place

Float on from here, far away, untethered to these memories
Just to wind up on another shore I'll want to leave anyway
Track Name: Pigs In Shit
Muddy the waters
Falsehoods as vipers
Writhing around as they stir up the muck
The serpents are breeding, quickly amassing
Pour on the kerosene and use the truth as your match

Lies, misdirection, an obtuse insurrection
Battle lines drawn in rhetorical sand
An army of self righteous cowards united
If ignorance is bliss consider them pigs in shit

Democracy dies as we define the right to rule as nativist and divine, the realm of true believers merit left behind, saluting with unwavering loyalty

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